SOLEC Overdrive
Solar Power Conversion Products (SPC)
We design and manufacture power conversion products that use solar energy to trickle charge 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V SLA battery systems, for electric cars, carts and small utility vehicles; other applications include remote data gathering, recreational vehicle and/or boat support sub-systems, etc.

We can also supply our solar power conversion device, solar panels and insert tray as an after-market user installation sub-system.

AMSPC1-12V - single output SPC for 12V applications
AMSPC1-24V - single output SPC for 24V applications
AMSPC1-36V - single output SPC for 36V applications
AMSPC1-48V - single output SPC for 48V applications)
AMSPC1-72V - single output SPC for 72V applications
(all items in stock)

AMSPC2-48V - dual output SPC w/12V and 36V power converter with 1-2 solar panel inputs (stock)
AMSPC2-60V - dual output SPC w/12V and 48V converter w/1-2 solar panels (available as 4Q08)

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